how to make glass coffee table

How to Make A Glass Coffee Table

Doing a DIY project can be fun and not to mention you can save money. Making your own glass coffee table is no exception and it is a relatively simple project to do. In this article, you will learn how to make a glass coffee table with just a few simple tools and some common materials.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Gather your materials: You will need four pieces of wood for the base, screws, drill, saw, drill bits, circular saw, wood glue, four casters, sandpaper, wood stain (optional), and a piece of glass.
  • Cut the wood: Use a circular saw to cut four pieces of wood into the desired shape and size for the base of the coffee table.
  • Assemble the base: Using wood glue and screws, attach the pieces of wood together to form the base. Let the glue dry completely before proceeding.
  • Attach the casters: Attach the casters to each corner of the base for easy mobility.
  • Sand and stain: If desired, sand down the corners of the base and stain with a wood stain of your choice. Let dry completely.
  • Measure the glass: Measure and cut the piece of glass to fit the top of the coffee table.
  • Attach the glass: Secure the piece of glass to the top of the base with wood glue. Let dry.

Congratulations, you’ve just finished your glass coffee table! Now, enjoy your new addition to your living room.

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