how to make epoxy coffee table

How to Make an Epoxy Coffee Table

Supplies Needed

  • Table top (e.g. wood.
  • Silicone molds
  • Epoxy resin
  • Rubber gloves
  • Mixing cup
  • Muslin cloth


  1. Prepare the table top by sanding the edges if needed and wiping it clean with a cloth.
  2. Place the molds on the table and make sure they are in the desired position.
  3. Wear rubber gloves, mix the epoxy resin in a mixing cup following instructions and pour it into the molds.
  4. Place the muslin cloth on top of the molds and use a brush or roller to spread the resin evenly.
  5. Let it sit for 5-7 hours, or until the resin is completely cured.
  6. Remove the molds and use a buffer to polish the surface for a glossy finish.


  • Choose the table top material accordingly, paying attention to weight and size.
  • Make sure the resin is stirred for a homogeneous result.
  • Inspect the cured pieces for air bubbles before adding the muslin cloth.

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