how to make coffee table in minecraft

How to Make a Coffee Table in Minecraft

A great way to decorate your living area in Minecraft is by making a coffee table. It’s a fun and easy build to complete and can look stunning in your base or home. Here’s a guide on how to make one.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

  • Wood Planks: You’ll need four planks for each side of the table.
  • Crafting Table: You will need to use a crafting table to create the parts of your coffee table.

Step 2: Build the Sides of the Table

  • Open the crafting table and place two planks in the left and right-hand side of the top row, followed by two planks in the middle of the middle row.
  • This will create four sticks.
  • Place one stick in each of the top two middle-hand slots and two sticks in the left and right-hand slots of the middle row which will create a crafting box.
  • Move the crafting box to your inventory.
  • Repeat this until you have four crafting boxes

Step 3: Connect the Sides of the Table

  • Grab two of the crafting boxes from your inventory and place them one-on-top-of-the-other in your crafting table.
  • This will combine the two boxes into a single box with a diagonal line across it.
  • Repeat this for all four boxes until you have two boxes with diagonal lines.
  • Move these two boxes to your inventory.

Step 4: Final Stage of Building the Table

  • Place the two boxes with diagonal lines in the two left and right corner-hand slots in the crafting table.
  • You should now have a table with all four sides connected.
  • Move the finished coffee table to your inventory and place it where you would like in your base.


Making a coffee table is a great way to spruce up any living area in Minecraft. Follow the steps above to create your own custom table. Have fun decorating!

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