how to make an upholstered coffee table

How To Make an Upholstered Coffee Table

Making a unique and comfortable coffee table with an upholstered top is easy and it will give your home a unique and stylish character. To make this DIY upholstered coffee table you will need some basic materials and tools.

Step 1: Materials

  • Coffee Table : You need to find a coffee table that has a flat top and a stable base. However, if you have an old coffee table that you can repurpose for this project, it will be best for your budget.
  • Foam : You need to get a foam board or mattress top foam. It should be at least 4lbs or more than that in density.
  • Fabric : Bold and patterned fabric is a great choice for this project. But, be sure to choose something that will match the surrounding area of your house.
  • Spray Glue :This will be used to stick the fabric and foam together.
  • Upholstery Stapler : This is necessary for stapling the fabric around the edges of the coffee table.
  • Staple Remover : If you make a mistake, you will need to use it to undo it.

Step 2: Tools

  • Scissors : You need them to cut the fabric and foam.
  • Measuring Tape :This is necessary to measure the area you have to cover with fabric and foam.
  • Sand Paper : You need to sand the surface of the coffee table to make it smooth.
  • Pencil : To mark where you need to cut the fabric and foam.

Step 3: Procedure

  • Sanding : Start by taking the sandpaper and sand the surface of the coffee table. This will help make the surface smooth before you start upholstering it.
  • Measuring : Measure the top of the table and then mark it with a pencil. Now, measure the foam and fabric according to the marked measurement.
  • Cutting : Cut the fabric and foam slightly larger than the marked area. This will help the foam and fabric fit the top of the table nicely.
  • Gluing : Now, spray the foam and fabric with the spray glue. Place the foam on the fabric and firmly press it together. Leave it for few minutes for the glue to dry.
  • Stapling : Now, take the upholstery stapler and staple the edges of the fabric-foam piece. Now, place the piece on the top of the coffee table and staple it firmly. Make sure to staple it all around the edges of the table.
  • Finishing : Now, you have completed making your upholstered coffee table. You can add any decorative items like tassels, studs or buttons to further enhance the look of your upholstered table.


Making an upholstered coffee table is an easy and fun DIY project. So, if you have an old coffee table lying around your home, you can upholster it with foam and fabric and make it look stylish. With the necessary materials and steps mentioned above, you can easily make your very own DIY upholstered coffee table within no time.

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