how to make an industrial coffee table

How to Make an Industrial Coffee Table

Do you have an old table in the corner of your home or apartment that you’re looking to spruce up? An industrial-style coffee table may be just the answer! Industrial-style furniture uses simpler shapes and materials – like metal, wood, and concrete – to create a unique, urban look that can be a great way to bring some texture and character to your living space. Here’s how to make your own industrial-style coffee table.

1. Gather materials and tools

To create your own industrial-style coffee table, you will need:

  • Plywood for the table top
  • 2x2s for table legs
  • Metal L-brackets
  • Paint/stain for wood surfaces
  • Wood screws
  • Hacksaw/pipe cutter
  • Drill and assorted drill bits
  • Electric sander

2. Cut and sand the wood

Use your hacksaw or pipe cutter to cut the 2x2s to the desired length for the legs of your table. Sand the legs and table top with an electric sander until smooth.

3. Paint/stain the wood

Stain or paint the legs and table top to your desired color. Allow enough time for the paint/stain to dry completely.

4. Assemble the table

Now it’s time to assemble the table. Place the table top upside-down on the floor and attach the legs to it using the L-brackets and wood screws.

5. Add finishing touches

To give the table an industrial look, you can add screws, nuts and bolts, or other metal details along the edges of the table. Don’t forget to sand down any overly-sharp edges.

6. Enjoy your new coffee table!

And that’s it! Your new industrial-style coffee table is complete and ready to be used. Enjoy your unique piece of furniture and show it off to your friends and family.

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