how to make an engine block coffee table

How to Make an Engine Block Coffee Table

Do you love the rugged, industrial look of engine blocks? If so, then you will love this custom project that brings the outdoors inside in a very cool way. Making an engine block coffee table is a very fun project that adds a bit of class to your living space. Here are the steps for making your very own engine block coffee table.

Step 1: Select Your Engine Block

You can purchase engine blocks from engine salvage yards or online. You can also use a salvaged engine block from a used car garage. Select an engine block with enough heft and an aesthetically pleasing shape. A V-8 engine block with at least 4 cylinders is ideal.

Step 2: Clean the Engine Block

Once you have selected your engine block, you must give it a good cleaning before you start working with it. Start by tearing it apart and scrubbing it with a power washer. Remove all of the oil, rust and dirt.

Step 3: Paint the Engine Block

Next, you will need to paint the engine block. This can be done with either a brush or a spray gun. Have fun with it! You can choose any color you want, or create a distressed, “shabby-chic” vibe.

Step 4: Prepare the Table Base

Now that you have finished prepping the engine block, it’s time to create the table base. You can either use a wooden table or build a custom base. If you are building the base, use four pieces of 2”x4” to create a square shaped base. Then, attach the base to the engine block by drilling two holes on either side of the block and then threading two bolts through the four pieces of 2”x4”.

Step 5: Create the Table Top

Once the base is securely attached, you’re ready to add the table top. Measure the size of the engine block and cut out a piece of glass to fit precisely. Then, attach the glass top with silicone glue.

Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches

Your masterpiece is almost complete! To add the final touches, replace the bolts with matching screws and give the table a final coat of wax for protection.


Making an engine block coffee table is an exciting do-it-yourself project. With these simple steps, you can turn an ordinary engine block into a unique and stylish piece of furniture. Enjoy!

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