how to make a tree trunk glass coffee table

Making a Tree Trunk Glass Coffee Table

With a few simple tools and some basic steps, you can create an eye-catching and unique coffee table made of a tree trunk and glass. Here’s how:

Choosing a Tree

The first step in making your tree trunk coffee table is to select the right tree. You’ll want to select a tree that has been cut relatively recently since the bark and trunk are important for the coffee table’s look. A rising or fallen tree trunk is ideal. You may want to talk to your local forestry or parks department to source a suitable tree trunk.

Preparing the Trunk

Once you have your tree trunk, it’s time to prep it for use. Begin by removing any bark or other material from the trunk. You’ll then sand down the trunk as smooth as possible. You may want to use a disc sander or an electric hand sander for this step.

Adding Support

Once the trunk is sanded, you’ll need to add some support to the sides. You can achieve this by attaching a few pieces of wood to the sides with screws. The added support will help to keep the trunk together.

Creating the Tabletop

Once you have the support in place, you’ll need to create the tabletop. Glass is a great idea. Start by using a circular saw to cut the glass to the size of the tree trunk. To hold the glass in place, use some wood glue to glue the glass onto the tree trunk and screw it into the supports. Be sure to wipe away any excess glue.

Finishing Touches

The last step is to add the finishing touches. You may want to add handles to the sides of the table for easier transport. You could also add casters to make the table more mobile.


Your tree trunk glass coffee table is now ready to use! Enjoy your unique and eye-catching furniture piece.

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