how to make a tree trunk glass coffee table

How to Make a Tree Trunk Glass Coffee Table

A tree trunk glass coffee table is an interesting way to spruce up an outdoor or indoor living space. There are many steps to making a tree trunk glass coffee table, but you will be pleased with the results. Read on to learn how to make this creative and eco-friendly piece of furniture.

Materials Needed:

  • Tree Trunk (preferably with a slight curve)
  • Glass Sheet
  • Saw
  • Plywood (or another sturdy material to use as support)
  • Electric Drill
  • Screws
  • Lumber
  • Cable ties or rope


  1. Gather a piece of wood that is structural sound. Make sure the wood has sanded/smoothed edges and a slight curve that will make your coffee table interesting.
  2. Insert a metal bar across the area where the trunk and the glass sheet will meet. This metal bar will provide support and stability to the glass sheet.
  3. Mark the points where the screws should go in order to secure the metal bar in place.
  4. Drill the screws carefully into the indicated points.
  5. Cut out the plywood to make it the same size as the tree trunk.
  6. Using the drill and screws, affix the plywood to the tree trunk.
  7. Attach the glass sheet to the metal bar using cables or ropes.
  8. Secure the glass sheet in place with wood lumber.
  9. Trim off any excess glass sheet to make it fit nicely around your tree trunk.
  10. You can now enjoy your new tree trunk glass coffee table!

Your tree trunk glass coffee table is now ready to be added to your home. The result will be a lovely, rustic piece of furniture that is sure to bring your living space to the next level.

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