how to make a tree trunk glass coffee table

How to Make a Tree Trunk Glass Coffee Table


  • Tree trunk
  • Fireproof glass
  • Casting resin
  • Plexiglass
  • Router
  • Table saw


  1. Find a tree trunk that fits your aesthetic and remove the bark. Sand the surface until it is smooth.
  2. Measure the circumference of the trunk and have a round piece of fireproof glass cut to fit the top.
  3. Pour casting resin into the tree trunk and allow it to dry.
  4. Use a router and table saw to cut the plexiglass to the same shape and size as the glass top.
  5. Place the plexiglass on the casting resin and then place the glass on top.
  6. Screw the glass into the casting resin to hold it in place.
  7. Enjoy your unique tree trunk glass coffee table!

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