how to make a steel pipe coffee table

How to Make a Steel Pipe Coffee Table

Are you looking for a unique and industrial-style way to spruce up your living room? Making your own steel pipe coffee table is an excellent way to bring a touch of industrial elements into your home. Combining the utility of a coffee table with the modern, industrial look of steel pipes, this project is both stylish and functional.

What You’ll Need

  • 3 x Six Inch Galvanized Steel Pipe – 16” Length
  • 3 x Six Inch Galvanized Steel Pipe – 10” Length
  • 12 x Six Inch Galvanized Steel Pipe – 6” Length
  • 4 x Steel Flanges
  • 4 x 90° Elbows
  • 6 x Tee Connectors
  • 1 x Plywood – 48” Length
  • Hardware for Assembly

Step One: Measure and Cut the Pipes

The first step is to measure and cut your steel pipes to the desired sizes. For this project, you will need 3x six inch galvanized steel pipes, 16 inches in length, 3x six inch galvanized steel pipes, 10 inches in length, 12x six inch galvanized steel pipes, 6 inches in length, 4x steel flanges, 4x 90° elbows and 6x Tee connectors.

Step Two: Assemble the Frame

Next, you will need to assemble the frame of your steel pipe coffee table. Start by connecting the two 16-inch long pipes to each of the steel flanges. Then, connect the tee connectors to the ends of the 16-inch long pipes and attach the 6-inch long pipes to complete the frame.

Step Three: Attach the Plywood Top

To finish your steel pipe coffee table, you will need to attach the 48-inch long plywood top. Begin by attaching the remaining steel flanges and 90° elbows onto the frame. Then, carefully place the plywood on top and securely attach it with screws.


Making your own steel pipe coffee table is a great project for any homeowner looking to give his or her living room a unique and industrial flair. With the right supplies and equipment, this project is simple to complete and provides an excellent conversation piece that’s sure to draw attention!

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