how to make a steamer trunk coffee table

How to Make a Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

Making a steamer trunk coffee table is a great way to add a unique touch to your living space. With a relatively simple process, anyone can do it. Here’s how:

Gather the Materials

  • Steamer Trunk
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint and Paintbrush
  • Screws and Drill

Prepare the Trunk

Begin by cleaning the trunk thoroughly with a damp cloth. Remove any hardware such as locks and latches, then sand the trunk to remove any old paint or rust.

Paint the Trunk

Choose a paint color that will compliment your room’s décor and begin painting the trunk with a brush. Allow the first coat to dry then, if desired, add a second coat for a more even look.

Assemble the Feet

Choose four feet for the trunk and attach them to the bottom with screws. Make sure the feet are flush with the bottom and evenly spaced.

You’re Finished!

Once the feet are affixed, the trunk is ready to be used. Place it in the room, add a tray and blankets, or use it to store items and enjoy the unique look of your steamer trunk coffee table.

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