how to make a small wooden coffee table

How to Make a Small Wooden Coffee Table

Making your own coffee table is a fun, satisfying, and relatively simple project. With a few basic tools and materials, you can build a rustic wooden coffee table that looks great in your living room.

Materials Needed

  • Plywood sheet
  • 1-inch dowel rods or wooden square rods
  • Power drill and drill bits
  • Wood screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Finishing material such as stain or paint

Building the Tabletop

  • Cut a piece of plywood the size you want your table to be. Make sure that it’s cut to the exact size you want, as this will be the table top.
  • Drill four holes in each corner of the plywood. Make sure the holes are evenly spaced and the same size.
  • Put a dowel rod through each hole. Make sure the dowel rods are cut to the same length so that the table top is even.
  • Secure the dowel rods with wood glue and wood screws.
  • Turn the table top upside down and add a few more wood screws along the underside of the plywood to make sure it’s secure.

Making the Legs

  • Cut four pieces of dowel or square rods to the length you want the legs to be.
  • Drill four evenly spaced holes into the bottom of the table top.
  • Put a dowel rod through each hole and secure them with wood screws.
  • Finish off the legs with stain or paint.

Finishing Touches

  • Sand the table top and legs until they are smooth.
  • Apply a stain or paint of your choice to the table and let it dry.
  • Once the table is dry, add any other finishing touches you prefer. For example, attach some felt feet to the bottom of your table to protect your floors.


  • You’re done! Enjoy your rustic and unique coffee table.

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