how to make a shadowbox coffee table

How to Make a Shadowbox Coffee Table

Making your own furniture is a rewarding and creative experience, but you don’t need to be a carpentry expert to give it a go. With a few materials and a bit of know-how, you can create an eye-catching and practical shadowbox coffee table. Here’s how:


  • Tape measure – to measure dimensions
  • Circular saw – to cut the rectangular base from a piece of wood
  • Drill – drill holes for screws
  • Screwdriver – used for fastening
  • Wood glue – used to keep joints in place
  • Furniture screws – used to secure the boxes together
  • Shadowbox – each will rest within the frame


  1. Using the tape measure, measure the desired dimensions of the rectangular base. Using the saw, cut a piece of wood to the measured size. The base should be slightly smaller than the interior measurements of the shadow boxes.
  2. To create the frame, measure the length and width of the boxes and cut four pieces of wood accordingly. Make sure the measurements are accurate.
  3. Drill pilot holes into the pieces of wood. These holes are needed to anchor the screws. Use the furniture screws to assemble the frame. Wood glue can be used in conjunction with the screws to make the joins more secure.
  4. Place the wooden base inside the box frame and secure it with furniture screws. Ensure the base is secure and level by running the screws in from all sides.
  5. Finally, place the shadow boxes on the base and secure them with the furniture screws. The interior side of the box should face up. Once the boxes are in place, the shadowbox coffee table is ready for use.

Creating a shadowbox coffee table is simple and manageable for anyone, even with minimal carpentry experience. With a few materials and a bit of patience, it won’t be long before you have an eye-catching and useful piece of furniture.

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