how to make a secret compartment coffee table

How to Make a Secret Compartment Coffee Table

Having a hidden storage space to your home is a great way to keep valuables out of sight and safe. One of the best solutions is to make a secret compartment within a coffee table. Here’s how:

Collect Supplies

Before you start to build your secret compartment coffee table, you will need to have the following materials:

  • Wooden planks: You will need several wooden planks for your table, depending on which style and size you choose.
  • Table hinges: You will need to purchase specially made hidden table hinges for the secret lid you will be making.
  • Tools: You will require various power tools and hand tools such as hammer, finish nails, 8-penny galvanized finish nail, plywood, drill, saw, and more.
  • Adhesive: Wood glue and simple adhesive will be needed when you are adding the lid to the coffee table.

Building Your Table

Once you have all the supplies needed, you can begin building your coffee table. Start by making the base of the coffee table. Cut the wooden planks according to the size and shape of your coffee table.

Attach the pieces of the wooden planks together securely. Glue and fasten the pieces together by using finish nails. Make sure you don’t leave any gaps or uneven parts. You can use a sandpaper to get rid of any imperfection or unevenness.

Creating The Secret Compartment

The next step is to create the secret compartment. To do so, you are going to need plywood. Measure the internal size of the coffee table and then cut the plywood accordingly.

Fit the plywood into the internal space of the coffee table. Glue it down and then fasten it with 8-penny galvanized finish nails. Make sure to secure the plywood properly so it will stay in place.

Adding The Lid

Now it is time to add the lid to the secret compartment. You will need to attach the lid to the secret compartment by using the table hinges. Make sure the lid is placed in its exact position.

Attach the hinges to the lid and the main part of the coffee table. Make sure the hinges are firmly in place. To secure them, use wood glue and adhesive.

Once the hinges are in place, you can start to sand your coffee table. Sand the table at least twice to make it smooth. Once it is sanded, you can begin to finish it.

Enjoy Your New Coffee Table!

Your secret compartment coffee table is finally ready to be used. Enjoy the satisfaction of having added a hidden storage space to your home. It is certainly a great way to keep your valuables secure and out of sight.

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