how to make a sea glass coffee table

How To Make A Sea Glass Coffee Table

Sea glass is a unique and beautiful material that, when combined with the right structure, makes for an exquisite coffee table. Used creatively, sea glass can form a dramatic and attractive addition for any room. Here’s a look at the materials and steps you need to make a sea glass coffee table.


  • Table Frame: To provide the platform for your coffee table, you’ll need a sturdy wooden frame.
  • Wood Planks: These will be used to form the tabletop of the table. Be sure to pick pieces of wood that are clean and free of knots in the grain.
  • Sea Glass: Be sure to sort and select sea glass pieces or shards with the right colors.
  • Epoxy:Use epoxy to secure the sea glass pieces to the wood pieces.
  • Sandpaper:Use sandpaper to prepare the wood surface for adhering the sea glass.
  • Finish:To seal the tabletop, you’ll need to choose a finish that is suitable for both wood and sea glass.


  1. Construct the frame of the table. Put the wooden frame together using dowels and screws. Make sure it is sturdy and can support weight.
  2. Attach the wooden planks to the table frame. For a more natural look, use planks of different sizes. Arrange them around the frame and glue them down.
  3. Sand and prepare the surface of the wood planks. Make sure it is clean and smooth and free of debris. This will allow the epoxy to better bond to the wood.
  4. Spread epoxy onto the wood in an even layer. Make sure that it is thick enough to hold the glass pieces in place.
  5. Start arranging the sea glass pieces on the tabletop. Be creative and think of the patterns that you want.
  6. Secure the pieces in place. After arranging the pieces, use a rubber mallet to press them down into the epoxy.
  7. Let the epoxy dry overnight. Once it is dry, use sandpaper to clean the surfaces of all excess epoxy.
  8. Apply a coat of sealant over the tabletop. Select a sealant that is suitable for both the wood and the sea glass.

That’s all there is to it! With a bit of creativity and a few materials, you can create a stunning coffee table with sea glass as its centerpiece. Have fun and get creative with your sea glass coffee table!

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