how to make a sea glass coffee table

How to Make a Sea Glass Coffee Table

Do you love the look of sea glass but want to create something more than a decorative bottle to show it off? A sea glass coffee table is the perfect way to accomplish this. Here’s how you can make one of your own:


  • Table top
  • Glass sheets
  • Glue
  • Sea glass of your choice
  • Sealant or lacquer


  1. Choose a Table Top – You will want to find a sturdy table top that matches the size and shape you want for your coffee table. This can be anything from a repurposed slab of wood to a sheet of tempered glass.
  2. Cut the Glass Sheets – Depending on the size of your table top, you may need to cut the glass sheets to match it. Make sure to use special care when cutting and score the glass with a tool or glass cutter, then smooth out and minimize the edges with a wet cloth.
  3. Add Glue – Once you have cut the glass, you can apply a generous amount of glue to the edges of the table top and then stick the glass sheets in place.
  4. Place Sea Glass Pieces – Now you can start to add your sea glass pieces. Arrange them in any way you like and make sure to evenly space out the pieces to give the table a balanced look.
  5. Apply Sealant or Lacquer – After all your sea glass pieces are in place, you can apply a sealant or lacquer on the glass sheets to keep everything in place and thoroughly protect it from any accidental bumps.

And that’s it! With just five simple steps, you can have a beautiful sea glass coffee table for your living room. Enjoy!

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