how to make a sea glass coffee table

How to make a Sea Glass Coffee Table

Are you looking for a unique way to add a bit of beachy charm to your living room? Look no further than making a sea glass coffee table. This is a fun way to display pieces of beach glass, shells, and even driftwood in a beautifully creative way. It’s easy to do, too! With the right supplies, a little bit of time, and some imagination, you can make a one-of-a-kind coffee table that your friends and family will admire.

Gathering Supplies

Your first step is to gather supplies to make your beach-inspired coffee table. You’ll need:

  • Plywood: Pick up a sheet of plywood in the size you want your table to be. The standard size for a coffee table is about 25″ by 48″.
  • Paint: Choose a paint color you like. If you plan on using beach glass, shells, and other decorations you can pick paint that compliments your chosen colors.
  • Glass: Collect sea glass from the beach or get some from a craft store. The glass can be natural, colored, or a mix of both. Choose the amount of glass you’d like to have in your design. This can range from just a few pieces to a full coverage of sea glass.
  • Adhesive: You can use any type of adhesive that will attach glass to wood.
  • Shells, sea stars, and other decoration: If you’d like to personalize your coffee table, gather some shells, sea stars, and other decorations from the beach or craft store.

Once you have all of your supplies:

Steps to Create Your Table

  1. Paint your plywood with the paint color you chose and let it dry.
  2. Spread your adhesive onto the plywood and begin to place the glass pieces one by one. Make sure to place them close together to cover the entire surface. Allow the adhesive to dry.
  3. Once the adhesive is dry and the glass pieces are stuck to the wood, it’s time to add a few decoration pieces, such as shells and sea stars. These pieces should be placed around the glass.
  4. Allow the decoration pieces to dry, and your sea glass coffee table is complete!

That’s it! Your own unique, beachy coffee table is now ready for the living room. The colors and shapes of the glass pieces can be chosen to match the colors and style of the room.

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