how to make a round glass coffee table

Make your own Round Glass Coffee Table in 5 Steps

Wondering how to make a stylish round glass coffee table for your living room? Look no further! Here is our step by step guide that’s easy to follow, and won’t break the bank.

Step 1: Gathering your Materials

You will need:

  • Glass Cut in the shape of your coffee table
  • Circular wooden base for the coffee table
  • Glue to attach the base and glass
  • Screws to attach the base
  • Sandpaper to sand the base
  • Paint to finish the base

Step 2: Cutting and Finishing the Glass

The first step is to measure the circular table top and get it cut in the right size. Make sure that you choose a strong, tempered glass that is safe to use as a coffee table. Once the glass has been cut, you can use small steel wool to polish the edges and give them a smooth finish.

Step 3: Attaching the Base and Glass

Next, you will need to attach the wooden base and the glass top. Before you attach the two, make sure to sand the base down to get a smooth finish. Then use glue to attach the base to the glass. Finally, use some screws to keep it in place.

Step 4: Painting the Base

Once the base and glass are attached, its time to give it a coat of paint. You can choose any colour you like, or even go for wood stain to give the table a classic look.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Once the paint is dry, your round glass coffee table is ready to be used. Place it in your living room and enjoy the new look of your home.

Follow these steps, and you can easily make your own round glass coffee table!

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