how to make a round coffee table into an ottoman

How to Convert a Round Coffee Table into an Ottoman

The versatility of a round coffee table makes it one of the most popular items of furniture for modern homes. But did you know that you can quickly and easily transform it from a coffee table into a stylish and functional ottoman? Read on to find out how.

1. Remove the Tabletop

The first step is to remove the tabletop of your coffee table. You’ll want to exercise caution here to make sure that no damage is caused to the table. If the tabletop uses screws, use a screwdriver to loosen them. If not, check if it uses an adhesive, and use a razor blade or utility knife to lightly lift it up.

2. Add Some Soft Filling

Next, you’ll want to add some kind of soft filling to the base of the table. This will give the ottoman a more comfortable texture and provide extra cushioning. Some materials you might use include foam, cotton, or even dried beans.

3. Cover with Upholstery

Once you have added the soft filling, you can go ahead and cover it with upholstery fabric. Choose a fabric that complements your room decor – think about textures, colors, and patterns. Once you have selected your fabric, use a staple gun or upholstery glue to secure it to the top and bottom of the table.

4. Decoration

Now that your ottoman is ready, you can use some decorative accents like buttons or tassels to further customize the look. You can also add some statement pieces such as cushions or throw blankets to make it even more inviting.

And… Voila!

You have now successfully converted your round coffee table into a beautiful and multi-functional ottoman. Next time, why not try transforming some of your other furniture pieces, like a side table or a desk?


  • Measure twice, cut once: Make sure that your fabric is the correct size before stapling or gluing it down.
  • Choose the right materials: Make sure that you select a high-quality upholstery fabric that will be able to withstand wear and tear.
  • Get creative: There are no rules, so have fun experimenting with your own unique style when decorating your ottoman.

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