how to make a river coffee table

DIY River Coffee Table

Creating a unique and custom coffee table can be an entertaining and rewarding activity. One popular design today is the river coffee table, made of a wooden slab with a “river” of color or crystal accents running through the center. Here is how you can create your own river coffee table.


  • Wood Slab: Look for pieces of high quality wood, like cherry, walnut, or oak. Ask for the straightest boards with least flaws on them, and make sure the board is at least 6” in width for the coffee table.
  • Epoxy: You will need epoxy to fill in the river. Make sure to pick a high quality, food-grade epoxy.
  • River Contents: You can use a variety of materials in your river, including crystals or aquarium rocks, or an acrylic pour with resin and acrylics.


  1. Cut the wood to length and shape. You can use a saw and a router to customize your shape as much as you would like.
  2. Using wood glue, glue your two wood pieces together to form a thicker slab.
  3. Sand the board and round the edges. This step is incredibly important as it will make smoothing the epoxy easier.
  4. Pour a half inch layer of epoxy in the center of the board.
  5. Gently,pour your river contents into the epoxy. Make sure to lay them out evenly.
  6. Let the epoxy sit for 24 hours and cure.
  7. Sand, seal, and finish the table with a sealant of your choice.

Creating a river coffee table can be an interesting and creative endeavor. If you have the right materials and instructions, you can create a striking and beautiful piece for your home. Happy crafting!

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