how to make a reclaimed wood coffee table

How To Make a Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Making a reclaimed wood coffee table is not a difficult task, and when you’re complete, you’ll have a stunning piece to be proud of. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:


  • Reclaimed Wood — this is the main material you’ll need in order to make your coffee table. Use reclaimed, as it will be better for the environment, and have a beautiful rustic look to it.
  • Wood glue — you’ll need wood glue to keep your wood pieces together.
  • Wood Finishes — you’ll need to look into getting a wood finish that will protect the wood while keeping its unique characteristics.


Below are some of the tools you will need to make your reclaimed wood coffee table:

  • Drill — you’ll need a drill to attach the various pieces of wood together.
  • Table Saw — this will help you create the edges and corners for the coffee table.
  • Sander — a sander will be necessary to remove any roughness or splinters from the wood.


Now that you have the necessary materials and tools for the project, it’s time to get started on building your coffee table.

  • Start by cutting your reclaimed wood into the desired shapes and sizes. Use a table saw to make sure you have straight edges and corners.
  • Use wood glue to attach the pieces of wood together.
  • Use a sander to remove any excess wood glue, splinters, and other roughness.
  • Finish the table with a coat of wood finish to protect it and keep its unique characteristics.
  • Use a drill to attach hardware (such as legs or handles) to the table, if desired.

Finishing Touches

You can further personalise your reclaimed wood coffee table with the following ideas:

  • Paint — paint stripes, polka dots, or other patterns on the table for a creative twist on its original design.
  • Stain — Apply a wood stain to bring out the wood’s natural qualities.
  • Decoupage — you could decoupage the table with paper or fabric to add unique touches of color and pattern.

Your reclaimed wood coffee table is now ready to be appreciated! Enjoy finding the perfect place for it in your home. Let it be a reminder of your crafting talent and your commitment to sustainability.

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