how to make a nintendo controller coffee table

Make a Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Making your own Nintendo controller coffee table is a creative way to reuse an old controller and make something amazing. Here are the steps to make your very own unique piece of furniture.

Step One: Gather Supplies

First, gather all the supplies that you will need. This includes a Nintendo controller, saw, screws, glue, table legs and a flat surface.

Step Two: Cut the Controller

Next, take a saw and cut the controller in half. This will provide enough space to lay the flat surface across the top.

Step Three: Attach Table Legs

Attach the table legs to the bottom of the controller. Make sure to use screws to secure them tightly in place.

Step Four: Glue the Surface

Once the table legs are secure, use glue to attach the flat surface to the top of the controller.

Step Five: Add Finishing Touches

Finally, add any additional decorations that you wish to further customize your coffee table. Some ideas include:

  • Decals: Place decals from other Nintendo games on the top of the coffee table for a fun touch.
  • Paint: Use a variety of paints to create an interesting design or color pattern on the table legs.
  • Accessories: Add any accessories that you would like such as remote holders, coaster sets or more.

And there you have it. With these five easy steps, you now know how to make a Nintendo Controller Coffee Table! Have fun creating your own unique piece of furniture!

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