how to make a display coffee table

How to Make a Display Coffee Table

A display coffee table can offer both style and function to a home. By adding display shelves, you’ll have a great place to show off your favorite items, while still having a convenient spot to put a cup of coffee. So here’s how you can make your own display coffee table:

Step 1: Select Your Materials

You’ll need the following materials to build your coffee table:

  • Table Base: You can use an existing table base or create your own. Building your own will provide the greatest custom options, but an existing table base can still be used.
  • Display Shelves: These will be added to the table base to create the display shelf areas. You’ll need to size the shelves to the table base.
  • Hardware: Such as screws and brackets, to assemble the shelves to the table base.
  • Wood Glue: Use wood glue to secure the shelves to the base.
  • Finish: For a truly custom look, use a stain or paint to match the color to your other furniture.

Step 2: Cut and Assemble Your Shelves

Once you have your materials, measure and cut your shelves to the desired size. After cutting, use wood glue and/or hardware to secure the shelves to the table base. If you’re using an existing table base, make sure to find the right sized shelves to fit on it.

Step 3: Add Your Finishing Touches

Now that your shelves and table base are assembled, it’s time to give the table a finishing touch. You can use a paint or stain to make the table match the rest of your home’s decor. Alternatively, you can use decoupage to add a unique splash of color and design.

Step 4: Add Accent Pieces

Once your table is complete, it’s time to add the items you want to display. Consider adding a few choice accent pieces to create your own distinctive style, such as photographs, pottery, books and magazines.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and functional display coffee table for your home. With the right materials and design, your coffee table can become a welcome centerpiece in any room.

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