how to make a dining table into a coffee table

How to Transform an Old Dining Table into a Stylish Coffee Table

Repurposing an old dining table into a trendy coffee table will instantly add a fresh new look to your living room while creating a practical and versatile piece of furniture. The project is surprisingly simple and will require minimal fuss to successfully convert the table. Keep on reading to find out how to transform your dining table into a stylish new coffee table.

Materials & Tools You Will Need

  • Old Dining Table
  • Table Saw
  • Sanders
  • Paints & Varnishes
  • Cushions

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Measure and cut the legs of your dining table to the desired height of your coffee table.
  2. Thoroughly sand down the legs and table.
  3. Treat the table with paint or varnish of your choice. Wait until this is completely dry.
  4. Add the optional cushion if you wish to add extra comfort to your new coffee table. This can also provide some extra decorative touch.
  5. Style your new coffee table with books, magazines, flowerpots and other decorative objects.


Transforming a dining table into a coffee table is simple and straightforward. It is not only a cost-effective solution to revamping your living room, but it is also eco-friendly too. With minimal tools and effort, you can have a stylish, modern and practical coffee table in no time.

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