how to make a design coffee table

How to Make a Design Coffee Table

Coffee tables are not only functional but also provide a stylish centerpiece in any living space. Whether you want to create a custom piece for your own home, or an interesting gift for someone, making your own design coffee table is easy.

What you’ll need:

  • Wood: You can use a single slab of wood or several planks joined together. If possible, use a wood species with character, such as wood with a lively grain pattern or a beautiful burl.
  • Drill: A drill with an adjustable speed is highly recommended.
  • Wood glue: If you’re using several planks of wood, wood glue will help hold them together.
  • Nails/Screws: Screws and/or nails to secure the sides and top of the table.
  • Sandpaper: To smooth any rough edges.
  • Sealant: To protect the surface of the table.


  1. Cut the wood to the desired size. If you’re using more than one plank, make sure the lengths are exactly the same. If you need to join multiple planks, use wood glue to secure them together.
  2. Use a drill to pre-drill holes in each side of the table. This will make it easier to attach the sides and top of the table later.
  3. Secure the sides and top of the table with screws/nails. Drill screws into the pre-drilled holes for extra strength.
  4. Sand any rough edges and surfaces. If needed, use a saw to cut the sides and top to shape.
  5. Apply a sealant to the surface of the table to protect it from wear and tear.


Making a custom design coffee table is easy and fun. You can make it as simple or complex as you prefer. With just a few simple tools and materials, you can create a table that will both look great and provide a useful centerpiece in any living space.

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