how to make a cushion top coffee table

How To Make A Cushion Top Coffee Table

Making a cushion top coffee table is a great way to add a unique and custom piece of furniture to your home. It is quite straightforward to make and is perfect for any room.


  • Choose a Table: First, you will need to find a suitable table. Look for one that is not too large, as this will make it more difficult to make the cushion for the top.
  • Choose a Cushion Filling: Once you have a table, it is time to choose the cushion filling which will be used as your cushion top. There are several options available, including foam, batting, and cotton padding.
  • Measure the Table and Cut the Fabric: Before cutting your fabric, measure the table so that you can ensure the fabric will fit properly. Cut the fabric to size, allowing some extra fabric to fold over the edges.
  • Stuff the Cushion: Once the fabric is cut to size, stuff the cushion with the filling you have chosen. Be sure to pack it in firmly to make the cushion firm and supportive.
  • Attach the Cushion to the Table: Now it is time to attach the cushion to the table. You can do this with strong adhesive, staples or even Velcro. This will ensure that the cushion stays put and won’t slide around on the table.
  • Enjoy Your New Cushion Top Coffee Table: Your cushion top coffee table is now finished and ready for use! Enjoy your new custom piece of furniture, and enjoy the comfort of a soft cushion top for your coffee table.

Making a cushion top coffee table is a great idea for anyone looking to add a unique, personalized piece of furniture to their home. With just a few supplies, this project can be completed quickly and easily, and you’ll have a brand new coffee table to enjoy.

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