how to make a concrete coffee table top

How to Make a Concrete Coffee Table Top

Making a concrete coffee table top is a fun and creative way to make a statement piece for your living room or favorite space. Here’s how you can create one for yourself!

Materials Needed

  • Quick-setting cement
  • Bucket or container
  • Mold or table
  • Mixing tools
  • Protective gloves, goggles and mask
  • Spacers (optional)
  • Embellishments (optional)
  • Guestimate and sealant (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Prepare your mold/table. If you’re starting with a table, you’ll need to make sure it is level and secure. Using spacers can help to ensure the top is even. If you’re making a mold, use a material that won’t stick to concrete, such as cardboard, plastic or metal.
  2. Arrange your embellishments. (Optional) If you want to personalize your table top, now is the time to arrange your embellishments. Make sure they are securely attached to the mold/table.
  3. Create your cement mixture. Follow the instructions on your quick-setting cement packet and add it to a bucket or container. Use a mixing tool to combine the concrete with water and mix until it has a thick, paste-like consistency.
  4. Pour your cement mixture. With protective gloves, goggles and mask, slowly and steadily pour your cement mixture into the mold/table. If using a table, use a trowel to even out the top.
  5. Let the cement dry. The drying time for concrete differs depending on environmental conditions and the temperature. Leave it for at least 24 hours to ensure it is fully dry.
  6. Apply guestimate and sealant. (Optional) To protect and enhance your concrete table top, apply a guestimate and sealant. These can be found in any hardware store.


Making a concrete coffee table top is a fun and creative way to bring a unique piece into your home. All you need are some supplies, tools, and a bit of know-how. Once you have everything you need and follow the instructions, you’ll be sure to have a stunning table top that looks as good as new!

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