how to make a coffee table with folding legs

How To Create A Coffee Table With Folding Legs

When it comes to furnishing a home, a coffee table is an essential part of any design plan. But what if you could make a table that could be stowed away when not in use? Enter the folding coffee table with legs.

Creating a coffee table with folding legs requires an array of tools, materials and some patience, but the results can make for a great decorative piece. Here are some steps you can follow to make your own folding coffee table with legs:

Step One: Gather Tools And Materials

  • Tools: Hammer, drill, saw, screwdriver, tape measure
  • Materials: Plywood, screws, hinges, brackets, table legs

Step Two: Cut The Wood

Using the saw, cut two pieces of plywood that are the desired size and shape of your table. Make sure they are the same size and shape, to ensure a seamless look when they are put together.

Step Three: Attach The Legs

Using the drill and screws, attach the table legs to the plywood pieces. Make sure they are firmly secured so they hold up to use.

Step Four: Add The Hinges

Next, attach the hinges to the edges of the plywood. Make sure to attach them in a manner that will allow the table to fold flat.

Step Five: Attach The Brackets

Finally, attach the brackets to the legs of the table. This will help to hold them in place when the table is folded up.

Step Six: Enjoy Your New Coffee Table!

You’ve done it! You’ve made your own folding coffee table with legs. Enjoy your new unique piece and use it to bring style and organization to any room.

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