how to make a coffee table vivarium

How To Make A Coffee Table Vivarium

A coffee table vivarium offers a unique, stylish and practical way of keeping pets and creating a miniature habitat in your home. Here is a guide to how to make your own coffee table vivarium.

1. Gather The Necessary Supplies

You will need to get the following supplies to make your coffee table vivarium:

  • Wooden coffee table – this needs to be in good condition with a strong base, as it will be supporting your vivarium
  • Glass tank – this needs to be just above the height of the coffee table and with enough space on the top for you to be able to reach in to clean and maintain it
  • PVC pipe – this will be used as a lid to cover the tank and will rest on the coffee table
  • Silicone sealant – this will be used to attach the tank to the wooden coffee table
  • Equipment – lighting, other electrical items, heating and insulation, water, substrate etc…

2. Prepare The Tank

You need to make sure that your tank is securely attached to the wooden coffee table. Use the silicone sealant to create a secure bond between the two. Don’t forget to make sure the sealant is waterproof and won’t break down over time.

Also ensure that your tank is sealed as much as possible with the lid. This will help keep the humidity and temperature in the tank at the correct level.

3. Add The Equipment

Now you need to add all the necessary equipment to the tank. This includes an appropriate lighting system, a water system for the animals, some heating and insulation and substrate for the bottom of the tank.

It is important to ensure that the lighting and temperature of the tank are kept at the right levels for the animals. Also make sure that the substrate is appropriate for the animals.

4. Introduce Your Animals

Finally, you can now introduce your animals to the tank. Make sure you research the type of animal you are introducing as each animal will have different needs.

Once the animals have been introduced, you can then start to observe and maintain the tank.


A coffee table vivarium offers a great and stylish way to keep pets while also creating an interesting habitat. To make your own, you simply need to gather the necessary supplies, prepare the tank and add the necessary equipment. Finally, introduce your animals and you are ready to start observing and enjoy your coffee table vivarium.

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