how to make a coffee table taller

How to Make a Coffee Table Taller

A coffee table can provide a focal point for your living space, but too low and it can be inconvenient for both eating and entertaining. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to make a coffee table taller.

Step One: Choose Your Legs

There are various types of legs you can use to raise the height of your coffee table. Consider your overall style, size and budget when making your selection:

  • Metal Table Legs—metal table legs are most commonly seen on kitchen and dining tables as they can support larger loads. Choose from a variety of metal finishes to suit your decor.
  • Wooden Table Legs—wooden table legs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look for legs that come with screws and other hardware to make attaching them to your existing table top easier.
  • Adjustable Table Legs—adjustable table legs are a great option when you need to adjust the height of your table top. Choose from metal, wood, or even plastic.

Step Two: Attach the Legs

Once you’ve chosen the right legs for your coffee table, it’s time to attach them. Depending on the type of legs and your existing table top, you may need additional tools or hardware. Commonly used tools include a drill, screwdriver, and wrench.

Step Three: Test and Enjoy

With the legs in place, it’s time to check and make sure your coffee table is firmly secured. Make sure all screws and hardware pieces are tight and secure – it’s not worth taking any chances. When you’re done, enjoy your newly taller coffee table!

Making a coffee table taller is an easy and cost-effective way to refresh any living space. Take your time and choose legs that best suit your style, budget, and living space. With a few tools and a minimum of effort, you can have a coffee table that functions perfectly and looks great.

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