how to make a coffee table out of old door

How to make a coffee table out of an old door

Have a unique piece of furniture to add to your space without spending a fortune? An old door can be upcycled into a stylish coffee table. Here’s how to get started:

Steps for Making a Coffee Table Out of an Old Door

  • Gather Your Supplies – You’ll need a door, four wooden legs, screws, a drill and drill bit, wood glue, a measuring tape, and a saw.
  • Prepare the Door – Sand the door to prepare it for the new coat of paint. Don’t forget to de-gloss the wood if need be!
  • Paint the Door – Once it’s dry, paint the door with your favorite color. Don’t forget to let it dry completely before continuing!
  • Attach the Legs– Measure the center of the door and attach the legs to the bottom of the door with the screws and drill. Make sure the legs are evenly spaced.
  • Secure the Door – Apply wood glue around the joints. This will help secure the legs and provide added stability. Let the glue dry before adding the final touches.
  • Add the Final Touches! – You’re done! Add a few decorative pieces to finish off the look, such as an eye-catching piece of artwork or a small succulent.

Now that you know how to make a coffee table out of an old door, get creative with your home’s décor! Not only is this a great way to upcycle something old, but it will also add a warm and unique touch to any living space.

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