how to make a coffee table out of a surfboard

How to Make a Coffee Table Out of a Surfboard

If you’re looking to spruce up your living room in a unique, creative way that also pays homage to an iconic activity, a beautifully crafted coffee table out of a surfboard should do the trick. Here’s how you can make your own stylish surfboard-turned-coffee-table:

Step 1: Choose Your Surfboard

Gather up any old surfboards you may have or purchase a used or new one from a garage sale or online shop. You can use a bodysurfing board, a mini-malibu, or a longboard if you like – whatever fits your home’s style best.

Step 2: Cut Out the Excess

Before you begin designing, it is critical to have a stable base that will become the actual table. Cut away the surfboard’s shape while keeping in mind the type of furniture you’re trying to create. In this case, a perfectly square table is ideal.

Step 3: Choose Your Finish

Giving the board a proper finish is essential to making sure it will last. You can either paint the board, wax it, or even use a lacquer to give the table its final look.

Step 4: Add the Finishing Touches

Now comes the fun part – adding the finishing touches. To give your one-of-a-kind surfboard-table a unique look, consider:

  • Legs: You can make your own wood legs or purchase stylish metal legs to attach to the board for support.
  • Sturdy top: Place a glass top or use a durable form of wood, like teak, to give the table a solid finish.
  • Design: To add a fun design element to the table, try decorating it with colorful part-tiles or adding sea-inspired graphics.

And that’s it! With a few simple steps, you can easily make your own coffee table out of a surfboard and add a unique, creative touch to your home.

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