how to make a coffee table out of a chest

Creating a Coffee Table out of a Chest

A chest can often be an intriguing addition to your home or office, with its unique and eclectic design and huge storage possibilities. An even better use of the chest is to turn it into a coffee table. Here are some steps to follow to convert a chest into a coffee table:

Step 1: Prepping the Chest

  • If needed, sand down the chest and remove any dust, splinters, and other materials.
  • Use a high-quality wood cleaner to wipe down the piece.
  • Wait overnight for the cleaning chemical to set into the piece.

Step 2: Adding a New Look to the Chest

  • Paint the chest with your desired colour, using a primer and several coats for a smoother and longer lasting finish.
  • Varnish the piece with a clear sealant to preserve the painted look and to protect it from wear and tear.
  • Add Decorative Touches such as hardware, carvings, or stained glass to the chest for a unique custom look.

Step 3: Turning the Chest into a Coffee Table

  • Remove the lid of the chest and any existing hardware on the piece.
  • Position the chest on its end, stabilizing it to keep it upright and balanced.
  • If needed, useL-brackets to secure the chest in this upright position.
  • Find a piece of thick, sturdy glass, cut to the width and length of the chest.
  • Check for any remaining splinters or sharp edges.
  • Secure the glass to the top of the chest with adhesive.

You now have a custom-made coffee table out of a chest! Enjoy the practical style and design of this new piece.

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