how to make a coffee table from an old door

Create Your Own Door Coffee Table

Have you got an old door lying around? With a few tools and some simple instructions, you can upcycle it into an attractive and practical coffee table. Here’s how!

Preparing the Door

  • Measure the old door to be sure it suits the space where the coffee table will be located.
  • Remove all old handles, knobs and hardware from the door.
  • Sand the door with coarse sandpaper; then use finer sandpaper for a smooth finish.
  • Apply a layer of primer and allow it to dry. Once dry, give the door a coat of interior or exterior paint.

Building the Base

  • Cut four pieces of timber the same length as the door.
  • Set two pieces of timber side-by-side in an X shape and attach them together with two screws per corner.
  • Repeat this with the two remaining pieces of timber and attach them to the first X shape, creating a rectangle.
  • Screw the old door to the timber rectangle so that the two make one flat base.

Attach the Legs

  • Measure four pieces of timber ⅝” x 4″ cut to about 16 inches long for the legs.
  • Pre-drill the holes into each end of the legs then attach them to the base of the door from the underside.
  • Attach the stretchers 3 to 4 inches from each end of the base.
  • Attach the casters to the stretchers to make the table mobile.

Finishing Touches

  • Place a glass top onto the wood base, if desired.
  • Attach handles to the base for carrying.
  • Embellish the door with decorative hardware or add a shelf underneath the door.
  • Set the table in the desired location and fill it with books, art, plants or any other decorative items.

And there you have it – an easy and budget-friendly way to upcycle an old door into a coffee table. This is a great way to spruce up your living room while adding useful storage and style.

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