how to make a coffee table book india

How to Make a Coffee Table Book in India

India is home to a wealth of fascinating stories, cultures, and history, making it the perfect place to compile a coffee table book. Creating your own masterpiece is a fun way to show off your passion for India and pay homage to the diverse and wonderful country.

Gather Your Photos

The first step to creating your coffee table book is to compile a selection of high-quality photos from your travels in India. Make sure to sort through all of your photos to choose the very best ones—photos that capture the energy of the country and truly show its unique beauty. If you have any professionally taken photos that you’d like to include, be sure to purchase a print or digital version of the photo for copyright reasons.

Choose a Story

Your incredible photos will become even more impactful when paired with stories that bring each photo to life. Consider the stories you heard on your travels and decide which stories you would like to feature in your coffee table book.

Some ideas include:

  • Interviews with locals – talk to those living in India and ask them about the challenges they’ve faced, their thoughts on the culture, and any other stories they may have for you.
  • Historical facts – weave different historical anecdotes and facts throughout the book as interesting yet informative details.
  • Local facts – did you know that India is the world’s 5th largest country in terms of area? Include such facts to make the book more engaging.

Layout and Design

It’s time to assemble your coffee table book! Determine if you’d like to include a forward, dedications, acknowledgements, etc. at the front and back of the book. Arrange the photos and stories in an organized way, making sure to leave enough space between each page for photos and text.

Finally, choose a color scheme and a cover design that visually tells your story and captures the beauty of India. If you need help with the layout, you can always get help from a graphic designer.

Print and Share

Once you have finalized the design of your book, it’s time to print it and share your final masterpiece with the world. There are a variety of printing options available in India. Look for a company that offers the most competitive price and the best quality prints.

If you’d like to share the book online, you can upload a digital version of your work to a website or use an online printing service.

Creating a coffee table book of your travels in India is a great way to share your love of the country and its remarkable stories. With a bit of planning, creativity, and patience, you will be able to make a beautiful book that celebrates all that is wonderful about India.

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