how to live edge coffee table

How to Live Edge Coffee Table

A live edge coffee table is a bold and beautiful way to add style to any living room. The live edges of the table add a natural, organic feel and make a stunning statement piece. Here’s how to build your own DIY live edge coffee table.

Step 1: Get the Wood

The type of wood you choose is the key to making this project your own. Popular choices for live edge coffee tables include black walnut, cherry, maple, sycamore, and oak. Visit your local lumberyard for wood that has been kiln-dried and surfaced.

Step 2: Cut the Wood to Size

Using a mitre saw, chop the wood down to roughly 2 metres by 0.6 metres, which will yield an approximate table surface size of 1.8 metres by 0.5 metres. If you are unable to make the cuts yourself, you may need to hire a professional carpenter.

Step 3: Level and Sand the Top

Once you’ve cut the wood to size, you will need to level the top and sand it down. Use a hand plane to level the top and then use a sandpaper with various grits to get the top ready for finishing.

Step 4: Prep and Attach the Legs

Your next step is to attach the legs. You can either create legs out of wood or purchase metal or wood legs from a furniture supplier. Decide where you would like to place the legs, pre-drill the holes, and then screw the legs into the bottom.

Step 5: Give your Table a Finish

You have a few options when it comes to finishing your live edge coffee table. For an all-natural look, you can apply a wax or wood oil. For a more polished look, you can apply a stain and then a topcoat of lacquer.

Step 6: Enjoy your Table!

Finally, it’s time to enjoy your new live edge coffee table! Place it wherever you want and style it with books, plants, or whatever else you wish. Your live edge table will instantly add style and character to your room!

Tips & Warnings:

  • Make sure you use the correct safety equipment when handling wood or power tools.
  • Be creative – experiment with different types of wood or other materials for a unique, one-of-a-kind table.
  • Be careful when handling sharp tools.

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