how to keep glass coffee table clean

Keeping Your Glass Coffee Table Clean

A glass coffee table is both an attractive and practical piece of home furniture. It’s a good choice if your space is on the small side and you need to make it appear bigger, or if you like the look of glass. However, unless you keep your glass coffee table clean, your table won’t look as great as it should. Here are some tips for keeping your table sparkling and dust-free.

Clean Your Table Often

When you keep on top of cleaning your glass coffee table, it doesn’t require much effort. Dusting or wiping the table down regularly is a great way to keep it looking tidy.

Use the Right Products

When cleaning your glass coffee table, it is important to use the right products. You should avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaners as they can cause scratching, leaving unattractive marks. Instead, look for cleaners specifically designed for glass or use a mild soapy water solution to effectively clean your table.

Dry Thoroughly

To prevent streaks, make sure to dry the table completely with a soft, lint-free cloth after you have finished cleaning.

Avoid Abrasive Scrubbing

If there are stubborn marks on your coffee table, you may need to scrub it. However, avoid using abrasive non-glass specific products and instead, use a soft cloth.

Removal of Stains

If you find any stains on your glass coffee table, such as fingerprints, try wiping it with a glass cleaner. For whole stains, such as spills, try using a cleaning cloth and a mixture of vinegar and water.

Protect Your Table

To protect your glass coffee table, use a felt or a similar material to protect the surface if you need to place heavy items on the table.


By taking a few simple steps, such as dusting or wiping your glass coffee table regularly and using specific glass cleaners or mild soapy water solutions, you can keep your glass coffee table sparkling and looking great. Avoid using abrasive products to scrub the table and use felt to protect the surface when needed.

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