how to keep coffee table corner safe

How to Keep Your Coffee Table Corner Safe

Adding a coffee table to your home can be a stylish way to tie a room together, create a comfortable and inviting space, and provide a functional area for you and your guests. Despite their popularity, not everyone is aware of the potential safety issues that a coffee table can bring that can occur if care isn’t taken when positioning it in the room.

Safety Tips:

  • Measure The Room: It sounds obvious, but before you purchase your coffee table, measure the space to ensure it will fit and that you’ll have plenty of space for comfortable movement around it. This will ensure that your guests don’t accidentally knock into it and injure themselves.
  • Choose The Right Height: Make sure the table is of a comfortable height for you and any guests that may visit. A good tip is to ensure that your forearm can rest comfortably on it when you are seated.
  • Consider The Shape: Coffee table corners can be sharp, so look for countersunk or chamfered edges, or opt for one with round edges. These will be much safer and are kinder on the shins of any children that may find themselves in the vicinity!
  • Put It Away: If you have children in the house, it may be best to reconsider having a coffee table at all, or to invest in an ottoman instead. This will also make clearing the space easy when you want to host parties or gatherings.

These tips are simple but effective and will help ensure that your coffee table corner remains safe and accident-free. Taking the time to measure your room, choosing the right height, considering the shape, and considering how it can be neatly stored away when not in use will help to protect you and your guests from any potential danger.

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