how to increase height of coffee table

How to Increase the Height of a Coffee Table

Whether you’re looking to raise the height of an existing table, or create a custom solution, there are a few ways to increase the height of a coffee table.

Raise the Table with Built-On Feet

One way to increase the height of a coffee table is to add built-in feet. This means adding a box that runs the full length and width of the table and adding stretchers between each corner of the box and the table top, which creates some height.

Add Spacers

If you don’t have enough room for built-in feet, you can also use spacers to increase the height. This can be done by placing the table on a board and then placing a stack of 1” wood blocks in each corner, which is then topped with a substantial wooden plank affixed to all edges of the blocks, resulting in a thicker, higher table.

Use Legs and Risers

The best way to increase the height of a coffee table is to use legs and risers. This is done by removing the existing legs and replacing them with longer legs. You can then add a riser or two to the center of the table for additional height.

Tips and Considerations

  • Measure your space and take your time to ensure you get the exact fit needed.
  • Buy legs and risers from the same manufacturer, as materials and sizes may vary.
  • Ensure the risers are properly secured to the frame and will not move.
  • Maintain the integrity of the table by using non-corrosive metals and wood if needed.
  • Opt for adjustable feet if possible to make levelling the table easier.

Increasing the height of a coffee table can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. Using the tips listed above, you can easily and effectively raise the height of a coffee table to give your space a fresh, new look.

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