how to identity a lou hodges coffee table

Identifying a Lou Hodges Coffee Table


The signature Lou Hodges coffee table design has a sleek and modern look, making it one of the most recognizable designs ever created. It features a simple, rectangular frame made from solid wood or metal. The legs and supports are also simple, with a few curves to provide greater stability. The edges and surfaces of the table are usually smooth and unembellished for a classic, timeless look.

Famous Knot

One of the most recognizable features of the Lou Hodges coffee table is the famous knot at the center of the design. This knot is featured prominently on all of the coffee tables and is usually made out of a curved piece of wood or metal. It is usually intricately detailed and often stands out from the other details of the coffee table.

Unique Markings

Another unique feature of the Lou Hodges coffee table is the unique markings on the underside of the table. These markings are exclusive to the Lou Hodges coffee tables and can help you to easily identify them. Look for a label with a unique serial number or a signature stamp embedded in the frame.


The Lou Hodges coffee table also includes a few other features that make it easily recognizable. It often features an open shelf underneath and may also include drawers or extra storage space. It may also include a top that is tilted slightly for a more comfortable angle when using the table.


The Lou Hodges coffee table is a timeless and beloved design. Its signature knot and unique markings can help you to easily and accurately identify it when searching for one of these beautiful pieces.

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