how to identify glass coffee table

Identifying a Glass Coffee Table

Table making is often an art form. Glass coffee tables particularly are seen as an expression of craftsmanship and style. Here are some tips for identifying a piece of furniture that is truly a glass coffee table.

Surface of the Table

The surface of a glass coffee table should be made of glass. Although there are many styles and variations, a basic glass coffee table should have at least one large pane of clear, tempered glass making up the top and sides. This glass should be well-supported to ensure stability and balance.

Weight of the Table

A good glass coffee table should be heavy and sturdy. The majority of the weight of the table should come from the frame itself, not the glass. Glass can still make up the majority of the surface area of the table, but it should never be the main source of the table’s weight.

Inspecting the Table’s Edges

When it comes to a true glass table, the edges should be smooth and free of sharp edges. Glass edges can be finished with beveling or with a round-edge look. If there is a severe edge exposed, this is an indication that the piece is not a proper glass coffee table.

Check for Quality Materials

Finally, quality glass materials will be expensive to purchase. Look for glass that has a warranty that is from a reputable manufacturer. This assures that the glass table is made with quality materials and that it will last a long time.

There are several ways to identify a glass coffee table. Look for a table with a surface made of glass, good weight, smooth edges, and quality materials. With these tips, you will be able to find a beautiful piece of furniture that is sure to last for years to come.

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