how to identify glass coffee table

How to Identify Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables are a popular choice when it comes to furnishing living rooms in modern homes. It is important to determine the quality of glass used in making the coffee table before buying it. Here is a guide to help you identify glass coffee tables.

Check the Weight of the Table

The first step is to check the weight of the coffee table. Glass tables have a unique weight when compared to other tables because of the content material. High-quality glass coffee tables are heavier than other kinds of coffee tables of similar dimensions.

Inspect the Edges

The edges of the coffee table will tell you a lot about the quality of the glass table. Real glass has smooth edges, while the edges of cheaper alternatives can be jagged and rough.

Look for a Label

If you don’t have the knowledge or experience to identify glass coffee tables just by looking at them, you should look for a label. For example, real glass coffee tables might have the label “Tempered Glass” on them.

Test the Table

In order to make sure the table is made of genuine glass, you should test it. Place a magnet near the table and see if it sticks. Real glass is not magnetic, so the magnet should not stick. Generally speaking, you should expect to find metal or wooden tables if the magnet does stick.

Inspect the Surface

Finally, you should inspect the surface of the table. You can tell whether the table is real glass or a cheaper alternative from the surface. Real glass has a unique glossy finish that you can’t find on other materials.

In conclusion, identifying glass coffee tables requires you to use all your senses. Knowing how to use the guidelines listed in this article can help you find high-quality glass coffee tables.

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