how to get wax off glass coffee table

How to Get Wax Off a Glass Coffee Table

Are you trying to remove wax from a glass coffee table? It can be daunting to tackle the mess. Don’t worry, this article will walk you through the steps to removing wax from glass!

Removing Hardened Wax

If the wax has hardened and cooled, follow these steps to make it easier to remove.

  • Place Paper Towels – Place several layers of paper towels over the wax.
  • Iron On Low Setting – Take an iron and gently iron the paper towels in a circular motion. The paper towels will absorb the melted wax.
  • Scrape Wax – Using a plastic scraper, gently scrape off the remaining wax.
  • Clean Surface – Wipe any remaining residue with a damp cloth.

Removing Soft Wax

If the wax is still soft, take these steps to remove it.

  • Let the Wax Cool – Don’t rush the process, let the wax cool and harden before attempting to remove it.
  • Freeze Wax – Place the glass coffee table in the freezer for a few hours. This will help the wax harden and break away from the glass.
  • Scrape Wax – Use a plastic scraper to gently remove the wax.
  • Clean Surface – Wipe any remaining wax residue with a damp cloth.


Removing wax from a glass coffee table can be a challenging task. However, it is possible to do it yourself. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily remove the wax and keep your glass coffee table looking good as new!

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