how to get scratches out of glass coffee table

Tips for Getting Scratches Out of Glass Coffee Tables

Having a glass coffee table can add a touch of class to your living space, but scratches in the surface can ruin the effect. While scratches are bound to happen over time, there are some ways you can minimize their appearance and make your coffee table look good as new.


Good maintenance is key when it comes to keeping your glass coffee table looking scratch-free. To clean the surface, use a soft cloth and a mild soap solution (for example, dishwashing liquid) to wipe away dirt and dust. Don’t use harsh or abrasive materials or chemical cleaners, as these may cause further damage.


To make your glass coffee table look its best, you can use a glass or metal polish to give the surface a shine. Before you do this, though, make sure the surface is completely dry and clean. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the polish to the glass, and buff away in circular motions.

Using Wax

When waxing the surface, you can use a commercial product designed for glass surfaces. Follow the instructions on the bottle for application, as it will usually require you to rub the wax in circles and then buff off the excess wax. Waxing the surface of the table regularly can help prevent scratches in the future.

Repairing Deeper Scratches

For deeper scratches that won’t respond to polishing, you may need to take the table to a professional. They can use a special abrasive to buff the scratched area and restore the appearance of the glass.

Preventing Future Scratches

To prevent further scratches, it is best to use protective mats and coasters on the table. Place these items on the surface before you set down any hot or cold objects, as these can cause damage to the glass. Additionally, be careful when moving furniture and ensure that you do not drag any items across the table surface.


Taking these steps can help ensure that your glass coffee table looks pristine, and that you have fewer scratches to worry about. Regular cleaning and waxing will help to minimize the appearance of existing scratches, while protective mats and coasters can help to prevent new scratches from occurring.

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