how to get scratches out of glass coffee table

Scratches Often Involve Glass Coffee Tables

When it comes to making a home look beautiful, glass coffee tables often become the focal point of many living rooms. Richly colored and designed with stylish accents, these tables add a note of modern elegance to any room. Unfortunately, glass can be vulnerable to scratches, which hamper its appearance and can potentially weaken the glass’s strength. Fortunately, there are many ways to remove scratches and restore the beautiful look of glass coffee tables.

Things You Will Need to Get Scratches Out

  • Bamboo burnishing wheel
  • Flat razor blade
  • Steel wool
  • Wood glue, a wooden grinding wheel, or glass grinder
  • Glass polishing compound

How to Remove Small Slight Scratches

  • Rub the bamboo burnishing wheel along the surface of the glass coffee table. To create more friction, use it in a circular motion.
  • Sun the razor blade to heat it. Place the heated blade on the scratch and slowly move it up and down.
  • Rub the steel wool multiple times over the scratch until it disappeared.

How to Remove Deeper Scratches

  • Begin with a stainless steel pad attached to a wooden grinding wheel. Use a light pressure and move the wheel in a back and forth movements while applying minimal amount of water.
  • If a grinding wheel is not available, try using wood glue to fill the scratch.
  • Next, use a glass grinder to remove the excess glue from the surfaces of the glass.
  • If the scratch is still there, you can use a glass polishing compound to get rid of it.


  • Ensure safety when attempting to scratch glass coffee table and wear the necessary protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses.
  • Do not overdo it when using the bamboo burnishing wheel or wood glue. Too much pressure can cause the glass to crack.

Getting scratches out of a glass coffee table can be a tedious task. However, with the right tools and knowledge, it can be done quickly, restoring the glass to its original state.

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