how to get scratches out of glass coffee table

How to Remove Scratches From a Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table is a luxurious addition to your living room that can quickly become marred by scratches. If your table has taken on a few blemishes, you may be wondering how to restore your glass coffee table back to its original luster.

Steps for Retrieving the Shine of Your Glass Coffee Table

  • First, identify the source of the scratch. If the scratch is light and superficial, it will likely be able to be buffed off with a mixtures of baking soda and water.
  • If the scratch is deeper or more stubborn, you’ll need to employ grit wet sandpaper to sand it down. Make sure to use small circular motions, only sanding off enough to restore the shine.
  • When you’re finished, buff it down with a clean cloth.
  • If the scratch continues to persist, you can use glass auto wax to polish the surface.
  • Finally, remember to always dust the table before rubbing on wax with a cloth to ensure the best results.

Getting scratches out of a glass coffee table may seem daunting, but with patience and a few supplies, it’s not a difficult task. When you’re done, you’ll be rewarded with a gleaming coffee table that is sure to be the centerpiece of your living room.

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