how to get rid of scratches on glass coffee table

How to Get Rid of Scratches on Glass Coffee Tables

Having a glass coffee table in your living room can add a modern and sophisticated look to your home. But keeping it looking its best isn’t always easy – scratches can form both on the glass surface and on the metal frame of a glass table. Here’s a few tips on how to safely get rid of scratches!

Removing Scratches from the Glass Surface

  • Start by removing any dust or dirt from the surface. Use a soft cloth with warm soapy water.
  • Polish the scratched area with a liquid polish specially designed for glass. Apply a small amount of polish and rub away the scratches in circular motions.
  • After applying the polish, use a lint-free cloth to polish the glass for a couple of minutes. This will help you get rid of any remaining residue from the polish.
  • If the scratches are still visible after polishing, you can try using a special glass scratch remover. Follow the instructions on the product carefully.

Removing Scratches from the Metal Frame

  • Make sure the metal frame is clean and free of dirt or dust. Use a damp cloth.
  • Polish the scratched area with metal polish and a soft cloth. Use circular motions to rub away the scratches.
  • Leave the polish to sit on the metal for a few minutes before buffing off with a soft cloth. This will help to restore the original shine of the metal.
  • To prevent further scratches, you can apply a protective coating, like car wax. This will help to protect the metal frame.

With some patience and the right products, you can easily get rid of any scratches on your glass coffee table and keep it looking like new.

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