how to get rid of glass coffee table

How To Get Rid of Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables provide a sleek and modern addition to any living space, but they can also be tricky to remove once you no longer want them. This guide will provide helpful tips and tricks to help you get rid of your glass coffee table without any damage.

Part 1: Remove the Base of the Table

  • Place a mattress or carpet underneath the table to cushion any potential drops.
  • Gather two furniture pads, two people and possibly two blankets. The two people will help you to lift the table onto the pads. The two blankets are optional but will help protect the glass.
  • With the help of the two people, slowly lift the glass coffee table onto the carpet pad.
  • Slide the carped pads over to a mattress or hardwood floor for stabilization. Carefully lift the table off the floor and move it over the to the mattress or hardwood.
  • Unscrew the screws that are attaching the base to the glass. Depending on the type of glass table you may need screwdrivers.
  • Once all of the screws have been removed you have successfully removed the base from the glass coffee table.

Part 2: Disposing of the Table

  • Call your local waste management company to get rid of the glass and base. Most companies offer pickup services for large items such as glass coffee tables.
  • If they do not offer this service, you may need to dispose of the glass and base yourself. Wrap the glass in blankets or heavy duty paper and tape them together. Label them as fragile and secure them in the back of a truck or trailer to transport them to the local dump.
  • You may need to pay a fee for disposing of large items such as glass coffee tables. Contact your local waste management office for more information.

After you have completed these steps you have successfully removed your glass coffee table. Follow these steps to get rid of your glass coffee table safely and efficiently.

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