how to get coffee stains out of glass coffee pot

How To Remove Coffee Stains From Glass Coffee Pots

If you love your morning coffee but hate the stains left behind on your glass coffee pot, you will want to know how to remove them. Though coffee stains may look daunting, with the right knowledge and a few materials, it won’t be a challenge.


  • Clean Out the Pot: Begin by emptying the coffee pot completely. Make sure that all of the grounds are removed.
  • Prepare the Solution: Fill the glass coffee pot with water and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Place the pot on the stove and heat it up until it boils.
  • Soak the Pot: Remove the pot from the heat and leave it to soak for an hour. This will give the baking soda time to break down the coffee stains.
  • Clean the Pot: Use a soft cloth to scrub the remaining stains out of the coffee pot. For more difficult spots, use a scrubbing sponge.
  • Rinse and Dry: Rinse the pot with hot water and dry it off with a towel. Your coffee pot should now be good as new!


  • For really tough coffee stains, pour vinegar into the coffee pot. Let it sit for an hour and then follow the same cleaning steps listed above.
  • You can also use a commercial coffee pot cleaner for tough stains.
  • Be sure to clean your coffee pot regularly. This will help prevent stains from building up in the first place.

By following these simple steps, you can easily remove coffee stains from your glass coffee pot. A little elbow grease and the right cleaning solution will have your pot looking like new in no time.

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