how to get a ring off coffee table

How to Get a Ring Off a Coffee Table

Do you have a pesky stain in your living room caused by an object left on your coffee table? If that object is a ring, chances are you can easily remove it if you take the proper steps. Here’s how to get a ring off a coffee table:

1. Gently Rub

Using a clean, soft cloth, gently rub the ring with a circular motion until it comes off the table.

2. Use a Leather Cleaning Solution

For more stubborn stains, try using a leather cleaner or cleaner designed specifically for a coffee table. Use a soft cloth to dab the solution on the stain, rubbing gently until the stain is gone.

3. Apply Non-Abrasive Paste

Non-abrasive pastes are specially designed to remove all types of ring stains from furniture, including wooden and glass tables. Spread the paste on the area and gently rub using a soft cloth, rinsing the cloth frequently to remove the paste as it loosens the ring.

4. Try Alkaline Detergent

Alkaline detergent can also be used to remove a ring from your coffee table. Make a diluted solution of the detergent and warm water and use a soft cloth to spread it onto the stain. Rub gently until the ring is removed, then rinse or dry the area with a clean, soft cloth.

5. Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste can also be used to remove rings from coffee tables and other surfaces. Use a non-abrasive toothpaste, as the abrasive ones may damage your furniture. Squeeze a small amount onto a soft cloth and rub it into the ring until it comes off. Wipe the area off with a damp cloth, then rinse and dry.

If none of these methods work, you may need to resort to more professional cleaning products to get the ring off your coffee table. Follow the directions on the product label, and always test a small, discreet area of your table before using the product.

Good luck with getting that pesky ring off your coffee table!

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